In the NEISS Estimates Query Builder, a query may be customized by selecting one or more values in any of the characteristics below. If no values are selected for a characteristic (except for Date), all values in that characteristic are included in the query:

  • Treatment Date (if no value is selected, the default is the most recent calendar year of data available)
  • Product
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Body part
  • Diagnosis
  • Disposition

Estimates & Statistics

In addition to the national estimate, users may request the coefficient of variation (CV) and 95 percent confidence interval. Users may also request the raw number of NEISS cases on which the national estimate is based. (more on Estimates & Statistics)

Data Preview and Download

You may select the option to preview the first 30 cases that meet the query criteria. You may also select the option to download the NEISS cases that meet the query criteria in MS-Excel, tab-delimited text, or SAS format.

Download data will include other important variables such as:

  • Patient race
  • Location where the injury occurred
  • A brief narrative describing the incident for each case

Product Codes and Date Range

Each NEISS case is assigned one or more product codes. Over time, codes may be added or changed to reflect the introduction of new products. This can result in multiple product codes representing the same product.

It is important to include all relevant product codes within the date range of your search.

The NEISS Query Builder has a product code search field to assist you with choosing the correct product codes for your query. Additionally, the NEISS Coding Manual and NEISS Product Code Comparability Table can help you find the relevant product codes:

  • Most recent NEISS Coding Manual (PDF)  - a description of the reporting criteria for NEISS, variable code definitions, and an alphabetical listing of products with current product codes
  • Product Code Comparability Table (PDF) -a numerical listing of all product codes with history of product code changes

NEISS Query Examples

Query Example 1:

Date:             2012 – 2016

Products:     Stepladders (excl. step stools) (product code 0618)

                        Extension or straight ladders (product code 4077)

                        Ladders, other or not specified (product code 4078)

Sex:               Males

Age:                50 years and older

Body Part:   Knee (body part code 35)

The result for Query Example 1 would be the national estimate of the number of males aged 50 and older with knee injuries associated with the above types of ladders treated in hospital emergency departments from 2012 through 2016.

Query Example 2:

Date:             05/01/2016 – 09/15/2016

Products:     Sports and Recreation Equipment

Body Parts: Head (body part code 75)

Diagnosis:    Concussion (diagnosis code 52)

                        Hematoma (diagnosis code 58)

                        Internal Organ Injury (diagnosis code 62)

Disposition:                Admitted to Hospital (disposition codes 2, 4, and 5)

The result for Query Example 2 would be the national estimate of the number of selected head injuries associated with Sports and Recreation Equipment treated in hospital emergency departments and resulting in hospital admission between 05/01/2016 and 09/15/16.

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