Technical Reports
10/18/2018 CPSC Staff Requests UL STP 1370 Meeting
11/01/2012 NIST Technical Note XXXX, Smoke Alarm Performances in Kitchen Fires and Nuisance Alarm Scenarios, Safety Testing of Lithium Ion Cell Phone Batteries Test Report , November 2012 (0702)
08/12/2012 Contractor Report on Development and Testing of a Temperature-Sensing Control System for Preventing Cooking Fires on Ranges and Status of Staff Cooking Fire Reduction Efforts
03/05/2012 Smoke Alarm Paradox (0702)
03/01/2012 Home Smoke Alarms - A Technology Roadmap
07/01/2009 Estimates of the Incidence and Costs of Fire-Related Injuries
07/01/2009 2004-2005 National Sample Survey of Unreported Residential Fires
02/06/2009 Applying State-of-the-Art Technologies to Reduce Escape Times from Fires using Environmental Sensing, Improved Occupant Egress Guidance, and Multiple Communication Protocols (9999)
06/01/2008 Flux Mapping of Radiant Electric Heaters: Repeatability Considerations
03/03/2008 Mattress and Bedding Fire Casualty Prevention Estimates - Updated using 2003-2004 NFIRS Data
12/30/2007 Evaluation of Electric Lighting Products
06/08/2007 The Implementation and Demonstration of Flame Detection and Wireless Communications in a Consumer Appliance to Improve Fire Detection Capabilities (0702)
10/01/2005 Considerations for Installation of Smoke Alarms on Residential Branch Circuits (0702)
09/01/2005 Possible Technologies for Improving the Audibility of Residential Smoke Alarms for Older Adults (0702)
09/01/2005 The Audibility of Smoke Alarms in Residential Homes (0701)
12/01/2004 Review of the Sound Effectiveness of Residential Smoke Alarms (0702)
04/01/2004 Fire Indicators Project Report (CPSC/LS/TR-04/001) (9999)
03/23/2004 Contractor Report - Wireless Communications Capabilities in Off-the-Shelf, Battery-Powered Smoke Alarms (0702)
01/29/2004 Update on Hazards Associated with Portable Electric Fans
07/11/2003 Smoke Alarms, Low Cost Batteries and Wireless Technology (0702)
12/01/2002 Lithium Batteries in Residential Smoke Alarms (0884)
08/01/2002 Fire Indicators (1866)
06/28/2002 Preliminary Test Results on LITHIUM BATTERIES Used in Residential Smoke Alarms (0884)
05/28/2002 Final Report on Portable Electric Fans - Fires
01/01/2002 Final Report on Fixed-Position Electric Heaters
09/19/2001 Candle Fires Pilot Study Summary (0463)
01/01/1995 Fire Incident Study, National Smoke Detector Project (0702)
10/01/1994 Smoke Detector Operability Survey Report (0702)(2)
10/01/1994 Smoke Detector Operability Survey Report (0702)(1)
02/01/1990 What Causes Wiring Fires in Residences (4061)
04/01/1988 Residential Electrical Distribution System Fires (4061)
Injury Statistics
05/15/2017 Tent Incident Data for 2010 - 2015