December 30, 2016

Today’s status report is an important step forward in the federal government’s collective effort to provide parents, coaches, players, school administrators and policymakers with clear answers regarding the safety of recycled tire crumb in artificial turf and playgrounds.  The coordinated research project being carried out by the EPA, CDC and CPSC aims to end the uncertainty regarding whether it is safe for our children to play on athletic fields and playgrounds that use tire crumb rubber and to provide guidance that is practical and reliable. While CPSC staff have taken initial steps intended to culminate in a risk assessment of chemicals found in crumb rubber in playgrounds, it is important for the public to know that we still have a lot of work ahead of us and have not yet been provided the funds by Congress to do it.  As we transition to a new administration and a new Congress, it is critical that Congress fund the remaining work and that leaders at the participating agencies continue to prioritize these critical efforts.  We have no greater purpose in this important endeavor than resolving the concerns weighing on so many families and protecting our children.