December 11, 2017

The American Academy of Pediatrics’ new data-rich scientific report[1] is an urgent call to action by our nation’s pediatricians – the very same people we trust and rely on to keep our children healthy.  While the current voluntary standards efforts by the window covering industry are a step in the right direction, their work is incomplete, is moving way too slowly and remains only voluntary.  In the meantime, children continue to be injured and killed by these products.  This situation is all the more outrageous when we know that affordable and effective solutions already exist but there remains resistance and a lack of urgency to making them a requirement across the board.  We only make progress on these safety issues with a strong and sustained effort by the federal government to hold the companies accountable, including advancing a mandatory safety standard.  The Commission should listen to our nation’s pediatricians and use all available measures to once-and-for-all end these tragedies.