November 15, 1978  
Release # 78-091

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Nov. 15) -- The Columbia Manufacturing Company, Westfield, Mass., in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), is providing consumers with a chain guard kit. This kit will be furnished free to consumers who have purchased Columbia bicycles which do not meet Federal bicycle requirements.

The bicycles in question, which were manufactured between November 13,1976 and August 13,1978 and distributed nationwide, consist of the following: 3-speed, 24-inch racers called "Miami," girls' Models Nos. 1433 and 1439, and boys' Model No. 1434; and "Gold Crest" 3-speed 26-inch racers, men's Model No. 3648.

The round disc-type guard affixed to the front sprocket on these Columbia models, while acceptable on derailleur-type bicycles, does not provide coverage of the top of the chain or of any part of the chain to the rear of the front sprocket. To date, no consumer complaints or injuries have been reported.

Federal bicycle regulations, effective 11/13/76, require a full coverage chain guard on all bikes having a single front and single rear sprocket, and set specifications for the extent of chain coverage for such bicycles which are intended to prevent entrapment of clothing or body parts.

Consumers are advised to contact the place of purchase of their bikes to receive the chain guard kit. The kit consists of a new chain guard which is to be fitted over the existing disc-type guard and a complete set of instructions. According to Columbia, installation of the new chain guard can be easily accomplished by the owner using a screwdriver.

Inquiries should be addressed to Customer Service Department, Columbia Manufacturing Company, Westfield, Mass. 01083.