May 8, 1978  
Release # 78-033

WASHINGTON, DC (May 8) -- The Jack Eckerd Corporation of Clear-water, Florida, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), today announced the voluntary recall of electric ceramic hot pots marketed under the names, "Wide Mouth Hot Pots" and "Brew Masters," The pots, intended for heating up to 5 cups of liquid such as water or soup, may pose a shock hazard to the user.

According to the CPSC staff, if the heating coil at the bottom of the pot is heated while not immersed in liquid, the coil will be damaged. If a user, while grounded, should subsequently stir the liquid in the pot using a metal article, the user could receive a severe electric shock.

These white ceramic hot pots are decorated with several different types and colors of decals. The box in which the unit is packaged is clearly marked with the Jack Eckerd Corporation name. On the bottom of each unit are imprinted the words, "'120V-350W JAPAN." They have been sold in Eckerd Drug Stores for $1.99-$3.49 in the following states: Florida, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Colorado, Alabama and Tennessee.

Consumers who have purchased their Brew Masters or Wide Mouth Hot Pots at Eckerd Drug Stores are asked to return them to an Eckerd Drug Store (and, if available, a copy of the sales receipt, the box in which the unit was packaged or other documentation of purchase) for a full refund.

Eckerd's removed the electric hot pots from sale in March when it first learned from the CPSC of the potential hazard to users. The Commission is also investigating other importers of this product.