Information, Regulations and Guidance about Lead in Consumer Products

This page includes links to documents regarding lead in consumer products including Regulatory Summaries in Plain Language, Testing Laboratories & Methods, specific product information, and more


CPSC Staff Roundtable

Understanding the Pending Lead Legislation and the Use of Lead in Consumer Products (May 2008)


Candy Wrappers

Letter to US Candy Importers (July 2004)

Letter to Mexican Candy Exporters (Español) (July 2004)


Consumer Products

CPSC Staff Report: Evaluation of Lead Test Kits (October 2007)

Evaluation of Consumer Products for Lead (September 2007)

Guidance for Lead in Consumer Products


Federal Hazardous Substance Act (FHSA)

Requirements under the Federal Hazardous Substance Act: Labeling and Banning Requirements for Chemicals and Other Hazardous Substances (August 2002)



Test Method: CPSC-CH-E1001-08, Standard Operating Procedure for Determining Total Lead (Pb) in Children’s Metal Products (Including Children’s Metal Jewelry)

Determining Lead and its Availability in Children's Metal Jewelry (February 2005)

Interim Enforcement Policy for Children's Metal Jewelry Containing Lead (February 2005)

Interim Enforcement Policy Lead Levels (February 2005)

Lead Testing for Children’s Metal Jewelry FAQ (November 2005)



Study on the Effectiveness, Precision, and Reliability of X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry and Other Alternative Methods for Measuring Lead in Paint (August 2009)

Standard Operating Procedure for Determining Lead (Pb) in Paint (April 2009)

X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) FAQ (lead in paint testing) (November 2007)

Ban of Lead-Containing Paint and Certain Consumer Products Bearing Lead-Containing Paint (January 2001)


Public Playground Equipment

Executive Summary: Consumer Product Safety Commission Staff Recommendations for Identifying and Controlling Lead Paint on Public Playground Equipment (October 1996)

Recommendations for Identifying and Controlling Leaded Paint on Public Playground Equipment (October 1996)



Engineering Test Manual: Requirements for Toys and Other Articles Intended for use by Children Under 8 Years of Age (March 1981)

Testing Laboratories for Toys, Children's Articles and Other Products (April 2005)



CPSC Staff Analysis of Lead Content and Accessible Lead in Vinyl Baby Bibs

Q&As: Vinyl Lunch Boxes

Test Methodology for Accessible Lead in Vinyl Products