CPSC Fast Track Recall Program

The Fast-Track program helps your company remove unsafe products from the marketplace quickly. If you plan to conduct a recall and are not familiar with the Fast Track process, you should read this information guide.

Fast track speed street image

CPSC initiated the award-winning Fast Track recall program in 1997, to remove potentially hazardous products from the marketplace as quickly and efficiently as possible. Firms that complete the program benefit in the following ways:


  • CPSC staff will not make a preliminary determination (PD).
  • The potential for incidents and injuries to consumers/customers from potentially harmful products is mitigated.
  • Voluntary corrective action by the recalling Firm may be viewed positively by the public.
  • CPSC’s review of technical information and recall documents is expedited, saving time.


Firms that report potential product defects under Section 15(b) of the Consumer Product Safety Act can chose to initiate a Fast Track recall during the initial filing process. To take advantage of the program, a Firm must commit to implementing a consumer-level voluntary recall (refund, repair, replace) within 20 working days of the report. If the Fast Track recall is completed, CPSC staff will not make a preliminary determination (PD) that the product contains a defect that creates a substantial product hazard.


The Fast Track Program requires a full report as described in 16 C.F.R. § 1115.13(d) from the Firm, including an acceptable Corrective Action Plan (CAP) that is ready to be implemented within 20 working days and includes:


  • a CPSC-approved remedy (either a full refund or fully tested replacement or repair supported by technical documentation);
  • joint news release with CPSC;
  • point of purchase poster;
  • a CPSC-approved reverse logistics plan;
  • website notification on Firm’s homepage;
  • letters to the distribution chain; and
  • social media announcements.