International Contact Information

CPSC's International contact information.

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Director, International Programs

Richard W. O'Brien 

Contact Form (301) 504-7054

Program Manager for the Western Hemisphere

Tilven Marcela Bernal

Contact Form (301) 504-7309

Program Manager for East Asia and Pacific

Sylvia Chen 

Contact Form (301) 504-7662  

Program Manager for Southeast Asia and Training Exchanges

Arlene I. Flecha

Contact Form (301) 504-7052

Program Manager for China

Steve Williams

Contact Form (301) 504-7307  

Program Manager for Europe and International Organizations

Sydney Lucia

Contact Form (301) 504-7252

Regional Product Safety Attaché, Asia Pacific

Jacob Miller

Contact Form +86-10-8531-3318  

Regional Product Safety Specialist, Asia Pacific

Liping Li 

Contact Form +86-10-8531-3319