CPSC, Kawasaki Motors Corp. USA Announce Recall of ATVs

February 28, 2005
Alert #05-545

CPSC, Kawasaki Motors Corp. USA Announce Recall of ATVs

The following product safety recall was voluntarily conducted by the firm in cooperation with the CPSC. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.

Name of Product: Kawasaki Brute Force™ 750 4x4i All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

Units: About 9,500

Manufacturer: Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., USA of Lincoln, Neb.

Hazard: On some units, the nut which secures the front upper suspension arm pivot bolt could come loose during vehicle use. Continued use of the vehicle could allow the nut to come off, and the upper suspension A-arm pivot bolt to back partially out. This would result in a loss of steering control, and possibly cause the rider to crash and suffer injury or death.

Incidents/Injuries: Kawasaki has received 14 reports of incidents with three minor injuries reported at this time.

Description: The recalled Kawasaki ATVs include the Brute Force™ 750 4x4i model, which was manufactured between April 26, 2004 and September 10, 2004. The ATVs come in red, green, yellow or camouflage, and have the words "Kawasaki" and "Brute Force" printed on each side of the vehicle's fuel tank. "VTwin 750" is printed on each side of the rear fenders, and "Kawasaki" is embossed on the front grille and rear mud flaps above the rear wheels.

Sold at: Authorized Kawasaki dealers sold the ATVs from July 2004 through early September 2004 for about $7,599.

Manufactured In: United States

Remedy: Consumers should stop using the ATVs immediately and contact their Kawasaki dealer to schedule an appointment for a free inspection and repair.

Consumer Contact: For more information, contact your Kawasaki dealer or call Kawasaki toll-free at (866) 802-9381 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. PT, Monday through Friday.

Picture of Recalled All Terrain Vehicle