CPSC, Raymond Geddes & Co. Inc. Recall Push'n Pop Toys

May 24, 2001
Release # 01-160a
Company Telephone Number: (800) 533-6273
CPSC Consumer Hotline: (800) 638-2772
CPSC Media Contact: Kim Dulic, (301) 504-7058

CPSC, Raymond Geddes & Co. Inc. Recall Push'n Pop Toys

PRODUCT: Push'n Pop Toys - Raymond Geddes & Co. Inc., of Baltimore, Md., is voluntarily recalling about 6,500 Tropical Fish and Rockin' Reptile Push'n Pop toys, which are also known as Zapper toys. The vinyl toys are about 2- to 3-inches long, and come in two different styles: a fish and lizard. When the toy is squeezed, the balloon tongue attached to its mouth inflates or rolls out. "MADE IN CHINA" is molded into the toy. Toy stores, doctor and dentist offices, and carnivals and circuses sold and distributed these toys from August 1998 through March 2001. They were sold for about $1.

PROBLEM: The balloon tongues and the cylinders holding the tongues on these toys can detach, which poses choking and aspiration hazards to young children.

INCIDENTS/INJURIES: The Promotional Resources Group of Companies Inc., of Topeka, Kan., previously recalled about 105,000 Bug Zapper toys on June 6, 2000. That company received a report of a 3-year-old boy who inhaled a balloon tongue that detached from a Zapper toy into his sinus cavity. He required medical treatment to remove the part from his nose. Additionally, on March 19, 2001, eight firms recalled about 835,000 Zapper toys.

WHAT TO DO: Consumers should immediately take these toys away from young children and take them back to where they were purchased for a refund, or throw them away. If consumers have questions, call the firm at (800) 533-6273 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or visit the firm's web site at www.raymondgeddes.com. Consumers also can contact the firm by email at consumeraffairs@raymondgeddes.com.

Picture of Recalled Push'n Pop Toys