The Super Sitter

This page gives guidance on how to keep children safe in and around your home.

Baby sitting can be a super way for you to earn money. And, it's a good way for you to learn a lot about children, about families, about having a job, about managing money ... and about PRODUCT SAFETY. Every job has certain guidelines. Baby sitting is no exception. There are certain things that will be expected of you as a sitter and things that you should expect of the parents. That's why the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has prepared this Super Sitter Guide. It is to help you become more aware of some of these guidelines, particularly:

  • the need for constant observation and alertness to the child's environment
  • selecting toys for children that are not dangerous
  • the importance of children playing with toys in the proper manner
  • the need for keeping children's products in good condition so they don't become dangerous for them to use

The Super Sitter Guide teaches you:

  • Sitter expectations
  • How to look at play spaces, walkers, high chairs, cribs and playpens with safety in mind
  • Toy safety
  • How to make a Super Sitter surprise box
  • Outdoor play
  • Pool safety
  • What to know about poisons

Download the Super Sitter Guide