Social Media Guide for Recalling Companies

Social media will help you reach consumers about a recall. This guide provides information on some popular social media tools and gives you information on how to use them in a recall.
February 26, 2013


Section 15(b) Reports and the Fast-Track Recall Program Forms of Social Media


The following social media will accompany all news releases on (unless otherwise specified):



A blurb is a short summary of a document's information. The headline and blurb are what people see in search results on Google or on Facebook and all other online platforms. It also helps search engines understand your recall. A blurb is about 150-200 characters or 3-25 words . . . and no more than two sentences. It accompanies a hyperlink to the document.


Sample Blurb:

Headline: City Versa Strollers Recalled by Baby Jogger Due to Fall Hazard

Blurb: The stroller's frame can fail to lock in place, collapse and cause a child in the stroller to fall.



Twitter is a social networking service that allows users to send and receive text-based posts of up to 140 characters. Twitter is similar to an online version of text messaging, where a short message, called a “tweet,” can be viewed and forwarded to a network of other Twitter subscribers. Tweets are conversational and often contain images, videos, or links to other websites for more detailed information by using short links. CPSC recall tweets are 97 characters so that we can include a link to a document and a photo of a product. Language in the CPSC tweets follow the facts in a news release. There are programs like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to schedule tweets.


Sample Tweet: Do you have a Salsa bicycle? Recall: Handlebar stems can break. (link to press release)(photo)


Importers/Distributors and Manufacturers of products should make the following notifications:


Website notification that includes recall information (press release) on the home page of company's website. Your website should include the capability for consumers to register for a recall remedy directly on the firm's website.


In addition, you should post the recall information (press release) on all social media outlets (including, but not limited to) the following:



Facebook is the largest social networking service in the world, where users can connect with others and join common-interest groups. Facebook is used by many companies and organizations. Note: CPSC does not currently have a presence on Facebook (1/2013).



Pinterest is a virtual scrapbook or corkboard. It lets people do the modern-day, online equivalent of cutting out pictures/quotes/articles from magazines and posting them on the refrigerator.



Google+ is a social networking service consisting of not just a single site, but rather, an overarching layer that covers many of Google's online properties (Circles, Profiles, Photos and Mail). Note: CPSC does not currently have a presence on Google+ (1/2013).



Instagram is a photo sharing application that allows users to edit and post images on social networking sites like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.