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A product may not be subject to a mandatory standard or other regulation issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, or have guidance provided by CPSC staff. Certain product types are under the jurisdiction of other Federal agencies. Even if there is a mandatory standard, you can search for voluntary standards and certification information developed or coordinated by standards groups that may be associated with this product type. Links to three standards coordinating/developing organizations (that handle over 90% of the voluntary safety standards on which the CPSC staff works) are given below. These standards are not endorsed by the CPSC; however, failure to meet a voluntary safety standard could lead to a substantial product hazard determination by the Commission and result in a recall. Adhering to any such standard does not exempt a firm from reporting requirements under Section 15 (b) of the Consumer Product Safety Act or from any other rules or regulations promulgated under any acts administered by the Commission.


American National Standards Institute (ANSI) (examples: all-terrain vehicles, furnaces, gas applicances, turkey fryers)


ASTM International (examples: children's products, bunk beds, playground equipment, toys)


Underwriters Laboratories (UL) (examples: electrical products and appliances, batteries, smoke alarms)


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    For additional information on voluntary standards and certification used around the world, please go to to be connected to the National Center for Standards and Certification Information.