Information for Potential Panelists

This page tells potential panelists for CPSC's 2013 Safety Academy the requirements on becoming a panelist and how to make a request.


If you would like to be a panel member for a specific session at this CPSC Safety Academy, please register and contact us by e-mail at by June 25, 2013. In your e-mail include:


  • A brief (less than 200 word) abstract of your topic,
  • Your area of expertise,
  • Desired panel. (Agenda is coming soon.) 


The CPSC Safety Academy planning committee will select panelists based on:


  • Individual’s familiarity or expertise with the topic,
  • Practical utility of the information proposed (such as a discussion of a specific topic or research area),
  • Proposed information’s relevance topic,
  • Individual’s perspective or ability to represent certain interests (e.g., such as large manufacturers, small manufacturers, academic researchers, consumer organization). 


Although an effort will be made to accommodate all people who wish to be panelists, we expect to limit each panel to no more than five members.  We recommend that people and organizations with common interests consolidate or coordinate their panel requests.  To help make final panel selections, the planning committee may ask that potential panelists submit presentations in addition to the initial abstract.  We anticipate notifying selected panelists by August 15, 2013.



            Dean W. Woodard

            Director, Office of Education, Global Outreach, and Small Business Ombudsman

            4330 East West Highway, Bethesda, MD 20814

            Phone:        301-504-7651