CPSC Staff Roundtable: Understanding the Pending Lead Legislation and the Use of Lead in Consumer Products, May 13, 2008

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) staff held a one-day roundtable, “Understanding the Pending Lead Legislation and the Use of Lead in Consumer Products” on May 13, 2008. This roundtable was intended to provide stakeholders with an understanding of the pending Congressional action on lead and the use of lead in consumer products, especially children’s products.

CPSC staff discussed pending lead legislation and enforcement issues, current events abroad, and laboratory testing procedures for lead. Industry representatives discussed the use of lead in consumer products (for example, paints and coatings, toys, plastics, jewelry, electronics, batteries and textiles), potential substitutes for lead in their products, best practices that can be implemented to eliminate or reduce the use of lead, and differences between domestic manufacturing plants and their practices and those outside the U.S. The roundtable included question and answer sessions and discussions led by the CPSC staff. A wrap-up session for final comments and questions and answers concluded the day.

The Agenda, Attendees list, and all presentations are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)

Agenda and Attendees

Roundtable Agenda

Roundtable Attendees

CPSC Staff Presentations

Lead in Consumer Products, John "Gib" Mullan, Director, Office of Compliance and Field Investigations.

Testing for Lead in Consumer Products, Dr. Joel Recht, Director, Chemistry Divsion, CPSC Laboratory.

Presentations by Panelists

“These presentations, given by roundtable panelists, reflect only their personal views and do not reflect the views of the Commission.”

The Use of Metals in Vinyl Products, Allen Blakey, Senior Director, Public Affairs, The Vinyl Institute, USA.

Synthetic Turf Council (STC), Rick Doyle, President, STC.

Why is there Lead in Products?, Michael Gale, Fashion Jewelry Trade Association (FJTA).

Toy Safety Certification Program, Rick Locker, Toy Industry Association.

Past and Present Uses of Lead in Consumer Electronics: A Status Report, Tim McGrady, Environmental Manager, LG Electronics USA, Inc.

Lead in Consumer Products, Hardy Poole, National Textile Association.

Lead Review at the CPSC: “An Apparel Point of View”, L. Tadd Schwab