Letter From Acting Chairman Nancy Nord to the Washington Post

November 07, 2007

Washington Post

Committed to Consumer Safety

Wednesday, November 7, 2007; A20

The Post has questioned the appropriateness of certain travel, including three trips by me, that has been reimbursed by nongovernment sources ["Just Say No," editorial, Nov. 4]. My travel was legal, ethical and conformed to government-wide travel regulations.

However, I am aware that because of incomplete reporting about the travel and mischaracterization of my position on legislation, consumers may be questioning the actions of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

This travel was exclusively to further the important work of the agency, namely to carry our enforcement message to the toy industry and other industries. Because of what was accomplished on these trips, consumers are better protected, and we can use our scarce resources for enforcement purposes. However, every consumer should know that I would welcome more resources and enforcement tools and that I am actively seeking both from Congress.

Finally, the assertion that the agency has only one toy inspector is just flat-out wrong. To continue reporting this inaccuracy is an insult to the other professionals at the CPSC and a disservice to consumers.

What the CPSC may lack at this time in resources is made up for by the agency's motivated professionals and by our willingness to constantly think not only as regulators but as stewards committed to keeping American families safe.

Acting Chairman
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission