Press event launching Global Recalls Web Portal, OECD, Brussels, Belgium

Chairman Tenenbaum announces a single worldwide website for recalls.
October 19, 2012


Good morning. Ruth, Deputy Secretary General Tamaki, and Director General Testori, it is a pleasure to be with you as we bring International Product Safety Week to a close, with an exciting announcement.

Today's announcement is two years in the making and is a symbol of the strategic and global vision that the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has brought to the product safety community.


Officials from the European Commission and I have travelled around the world letting manufacturers, advocates, and consumers know that a strong spirit of cooperation exists among product safety regulators.


The launch of the GlobalRecalls portal is a proof of our cooperation. It is proof that we are working across jurisdictions on behalf of consumers around the world.


I have often said that an informed consumer is an empowered consumer. Well, the GlobalRecalls portal will inform and empower consumers in North America, here in Europe, in Australia, and beyond.


In today's global marketplace, a business selling a product in Brussels may also have distribution channels in Los Angeles and London and Sydney. So, if that product were subject to a recall in one jurisdiction, it can have a significant impact on regulators, businesses, and consumers in other jurisdictions.


This is why the GlobalRecalls portal is so important and necessary at this time.


Having a single site on the Internet to see recall announcements from around the world will help regulators, businesses, and consumers make informed decisions about how that recall affects their country, company, or home.


At CPSC, we have four decades of experience with recalls.


We announce more than four hundred recalls each year.


We announce high profile recalls - strollers and baby seats, for example - news of which can spread across continents within minutes, via the media and on social media.


Out of the 50 million visits we receive each year to our website,, recalls are the most frequently searched for topic.


We also operate the website, which is a one-stop-stop site for all of the recalls announced by the federal government in the United States.


We frequently team up with Health Canada to jointly announce recalls. And, we share recall information with the Chinese government and our colleagues in the European Commission.


Being proactive is a guiding principle of how we operate at CPSC. Being proactive means doing everything we can at CPSC to prevent dangerous products from reaching the hands of a consumer and having to be recalled.


But, when there is a product recall in the United States, we strive to make sure that no consumer is hurt after the recall is announced.


With GlobalRecalls, we can strive to prevent injuries to consumers around the world, after recalls are announced.


I join with my colleagues in calling upon consumers around the world to use this portal.


I call upon businesses to use this portal.


And, I call upon regulators in other countries to share their recall information so that the GlobalRecalls portal has the broadest reach it possible can.


Once again, I want to commend the OECD and the outstanding professionals from Europe, Australia, Canada, and the United States, who put in countless hours creating this exciting new site.


Thank you.