Service Contract Inventory

CPSC is required to publish an annual inventory of the agency’s service contracts and related documents. Below is the agency’s latest  Service Contract Inventory and Plan for analysis along with the agency’s reports for the past three years.

CPSC's FY 2012 Service Contract Inventory Plan

In accordance with the Service Contract Inventory checklist of Submissions, Formats and Deadlines attached to the 12/19/2011 Memo from Daniel I Gordon as revised, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is submitting the identified Special Interest Functions for FY 2012. 


 The functions are:

•           D302 ADP Systems Development Services and

•           D314 ADP Acquisition Support Services


These is only one Code of Interest (D 314) out of the 10 four character services codes with the largest obligation amounts for FY 2012, however CPSC intends to analyze both codes above as has been done in the past.


CPSC’s analysis will be of the contracts under theses codes.